At Wuerth ecological awareness and environmental management are lived and practiced in many different ways. We work hard on ensuring our products are as environmentally friendly as possible. This includes the ongoing development of our environmentally friendly product range as well as a commitment to energy efficiency. With our specialist products it is sometimes difficult to find a compromise between a high quality, effective product and one that is environmentally friendly however it is something we believe passionately in and is always a top priority irrespective of cost. Our work to improve the environmental credentials of both new and existing chemical products includes ensuring products are AOX free, reducing the VOC content and use of phosphorous compounds and ensuring products are as biodegradable as possible. Where possible, our products are supplied in packaging that can be recycled.

In addition, we are constantly working on optimizing energy management in our own buildings and logistics centers. An example of this is our biomass heating plant which was created in 2012 as part of the new distribution center located in Künzelasu.

Eco Line

In the ECO LINE, all products are produced so they are sustainable and safe to use, therefore completely environmentally friendly. For this reason, all products of the Würth ECO LINE have been awarded an environmental seal of an independent testing institute. For you as a user, this means: The products of ECO LINE contain optimum environmental compatibility and maximum performance.


An ETA certification signifies that the product has demonstrated proficient results and meets all industry standards set to out by the Deutsches Institut für Bautechnik. (German Institute for Civil Engineering)


NSF, National Sanitary Foundation: products with the NSF-Logo are checked by the National Sanitary Foundation (NST), the only registered organization, which ensures, that the product can be used without any health risks in the hotel and food industry.

Product Safety

Product safety

Our customers can have absolute confidence that each Wuerth product is fit-for-purpose, top quality, durable and reliable. We understand the great importance of safe products that’s why our products have been subjected to tough testing by both us and other independent companies, more than they will ever face in real applications.

The safety logo is used to show our customers that certain products within our range are especially user-friendly and safe to handle, and are focused on minimizing risk and improving workplace safety.


LEED, Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design; is a rating systems for the design, construction and function of green buildings, homes and neighborhoods. This certificate shows our products are environmentally friendly due to high energy efficiency.

Halogen Free

Halogen free products offer

  • Fire safety; smoke is non-toxic.
  • Fire damage prevention; prevents corrosion of electronics.
  • Higher application temperatures; halogen free products can withstand higher temperature compared to PVC products.
  • Less environmental effects; production of products emits lower levels of Carbon Monoxide.

VdS is one of Germany’s leading independent testing associations for fire protection and security. VdS certification is a positive test report from the VdS laboratories, confirming that the product fulfils the requirements on the guideline.