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Maintenance, Repair and Operation

Würth has been a leading provider of maintenance repair and operational supplies, tools and equipment to the MRO industry for nearly 70 years.The main product line features a range of industrial consumables, related equipment and services, covering various customer applications in the area of maintenance, repair and operation. Our time- and cost-saving stock management solutions, such as the ORSY® systems, enable our customersto fully focus on their core businesses. Our focus customer groups are:

• Maintenance Workshops

• Food & Beverage Industry

Construction Related Metal

Fastening, cutting, grinding or sealing: In the construction related metal business, the work is as diverse as the professions themselves. An enormous amount of specialized knowledge about many products and their applications is required here. In the construction related metal areas, we serve customers such as metal and arquitectural steel construction as well as aluminium window and door construction in various working areas andapplications.

WÜRTH offers an extensive range of products for customers in the following business sectors:

• Metal Construction

• Architectural Steel Construction

• Aluminum Window / Door Construction

• Facade Construction

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Production Related Metal

In the production related metal business, we serve customer such as machine engineers and production industrial goods, vehicle-conversion workshops and other metal part producers. Whether cutting, drilling, grinding, painting or assembling: There is no way around safe and highly precise work in the production-related metal industry. WÜRTH offers an extensive range of products for professional customers in the following business sectors:

• Metal Cutting

• Production Industrial Goods

• Machine Engineering

• Container Fabrication, Barrel, Keg & Drum Manufacturing

• Elevator Industry

• Furniture / Store Fabrication Metal

• Truck / Trailer/Car Conversion

• Railway Technology

• Aerospace Technology

• Sheet Metal Processing

Facility Management

In the area of building and facility management, the main task is to keep up the continuous coordination between all sections and units in the facilities, as well as maintain the systems and all equipment to keep them functional at all times. Whether it is indoor or outdoor facilities to be managed, customers can always count on the various services and certified products provided by Würth from a single source for their daily work.

• Accomodations / Gastronomy

• Leisure Facilities

• Building Facility Management

• Health Care

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Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning

In the area of HVAC, we concentrate on serving customers such as gas, heating and water installation firms as well as air conditioning and ventilation system firms. Würth offers a vast product range of rapid assembly systems, insulating materials for plumbing and other installation materials, tools and accessories as a loyal partner.

• Plumbing & Heating

• Air Conditioning

• Ventilation